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About Parga

Parga, the jewel of the Ionian, is a popular destination with all types of visitors and many that choose to visit every year. Situated in the Preveza prefecture in the south western part of Epirus. Today the area of Parga includes the villages of Agia, Anthoussa, Agia Kiriaki &, of course, Parga. With approximately 4000 inhabitants it is the most important tourist destination of Epirus and one of the most famous Greek tourist resorts.

There is something for everyone in Parga – an excellent choice of eateries, bars and restaurants, a good selection of beaches to relax during the day as well as a really good choice of sights to see in and around the area- great for exploring independently or as part of a tour – the reception at Zygouris House will offer you lots of information about Parga and the surrounding area, as well as specializing in tourism Parga also produces fine olive oil, one of the best in the area. Her beautiful nature, spectacular coast line, the lovely beaches and the emerald colors of the olive groves makes her also the jewel of Epirus and a real discovery.


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